VUNO Med®-Chest X-ray™

VUNO Med-Chest X-ray

VUNO Med- Chest X-ray has been trained on major abnormal findings detected in chest X-ray to assist in the reading of chest X-ray images.

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  • AI-based diagnostic supporting solution for chest X-ray
  • MFDS(K-FDA) approved
  • CE Certified

Workflow Improvement

The system analyzes the abnormality of five major findings to support doctors with the diagnosis of major lung diseases such as lung cancer, tuberculosis and pneumonia based on a combination of findings.

Ready to Support

Ready to Support

The software maximizes user convenience by delivering information on intuitive UI and providing optimized forms of services such as APIs for user reading system settings.

It offers a cloud-based service and is integrated with PACS.

Training Dataset

Training Dataset

VUNO Med- Chest X-ray has been trained on tens of thousands of chest PA X-ray images collected from Korea’s leading hospitals to ensure shorter reading time and greater reading accuracy.

References 1. Woong, et al. Evaluation of the Performance of Deep Learning Models Trained on a Combination of Major Abnormal Patterns on Chest Radiographs for Major Chest Diseases at International Multi-Centers. Presented at: RSNA 2019 Scientific Assembly and Annual Meeting.

References 2. MFDS clinical trial results (VN-M-02) in Asan Hospital, * Random assignment and cross-validation

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