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VUNO Signs Research Agreement with Mayo Clinic

  • 04. 25. 2022

VUNO Signs Research Agreement with Mayo Clinic

to develop AI-driven Precision Oncology Solutions


[2022-04-22] Global medical artificial intelligence (AI) company, VUNO has signed a research agreement with Mayo Clinic. The research agreement, which was signed by VUNO’s CEO Lee Yeha, allows both organizations to advanced AI-driven precision oncology solutions to deliver precision oncology care.


Through this research agreement, VUNO will establish a collaboration with Mayo Clinic to develop innovative AI and machine learning solutions for more precise diagnosis, prognosis and treatment stratification in cancer. This collaborative agreement combines VUNO’s AI R&D capabilities and Mayo Clinic’s AI research, clinical expertise, resources, to develop a broad spectrum of predictive and prognostic biomarkers, for aiding therapeutic decisions that will improve the quality of cancer patient care.


The synergy of R&D expertise, resources, and multi-omics data will allow VUNO and Mayo Clinic to develop breakthrough AI and machine learning technology that can be introduced into clinical practice. This research will allow VUNO to explore the future of precision oncology and create start-to-finish AI/Machine Learning powered solutions that can determine the best therapeutic strategies for patients.


"Cooperating with a top international medical institution, like Mayo Clinic, is incredibly significant for VUNO. It allows us to lay a foundation for VUNO's medical AI solutions to contribute and improve cancer diagnosis and treatment. We will do our best to accelerate the co-development and validation of high-impact medical solutions by focusing on VUNO's medical AI expertise and research capabilities." Said Kyu-Hwan Jung, VUNO's CTO and Head of Research & Development.

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