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VUNO’s Artificial Intelligence Chest X-ray Solution Substantiates Its Clinical Value in Radiology

  • 04. 14. 2021

VUNO’s Artificial Intelligence Chest X-ray Solution Substantiates Its Clinical Value in Radiology


VUNO Inc., a South Korean AI medical imaging company reported that it published results of a new study demonstrating the added value of a deep-learning based solution for multiple major findings on chest radiographs in Radiology, one of the most renowned academic journals in the field of radiology. The results illustrated that clinicians using this solution showed improved performance in the detection and localization of major thoracic abnormalities and the reading time was reduced.

VUNO’s achievement holds great significance in that its VUNO Med®-Chest X-ray™ which has obtained MFDS (Ministry of Food and Drug Safety) approval and CE mark has clearly exhibited its clinical value in an objective and transparent manner in a study designed to minimize observer bias. Previous studies assessing the effects of similar solutions often designed a study that may have biased the results because of reading order or recall bias, but this study used an unprecedented randomized crossover design with a washout period to reduce such bias.

According to the study, when three groups, each comprised of assessors with varying experience levels - residents, board-certified radiologists, and thoracic radiologists - read chest radiographs utilizing VUNO’s solution and compared the results against those read without one, the diagnostic accuracy across all performance including per-lesion and per-image sensitivity improved significantly while the reading time was reduced by an average of 50 percent. Such results reaffirmed that the solution is a useful diagnostic support tool for all clinicians regardless of their years of experience, not just for cases with a single lesion but also for those with multiple lesions and abnormal findings.

“The study results point to the added value of our AI-powered chest X-ray solution illustrating an ability to streamline clinical workflows” said lead author, Jinkyeong Sung, MD., Ph.D., Chief Medical Officer of VUNO. “We will continue to focus on R&D areas and publish a wide range of research papers in world-class academic journals to prove the clinical utility of VUNO Med Solutions” Kyu-Hwan Jung, Ph.D., CTO and co-founder noted.

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