VUNO Inc. was founded when the global AI-based medical industry was at an embryonic stage.

We are on a mission to “View the Invisible, Know the Unknown”, and aim to realize the infinite possibilities of AI technology in the field of medicine.

As a pioneer in the Medical AI industry, we will continue to develop and explore the possibilities of medical AI to leverage a wide range of data including medical imaging, pathology, bio-signals, speech recognition, and more.


To improve quality of life for mankind

Our goal is to solve medical ambiguities and complexities with AI technology and leverage medical data to answer critical health questions and improve quality life.

VUNO strives to contribute to healthier and happier life for all mankind through detecting and preventing disease early on, and to suggest optimal treatments to improve prognosis.


High-quality healthcare services for everyone, everywhere

VUNO strive to create a world where our customers can enjoy high-quality healthcare services anytime, anywhere.

We move forward as an innovative digital healthcare company that contributes to future medical care.

  • VUNO in Numbers

    in Numbers

  • VUNO Med®-BoneAge™, the first MFDS-approved medical AI device in Korea


    MFDS approval and PMDA/CE Certifieds


    Successes in developing & commercializing AI-based medical solutions


    Patents (Korea & Globe) in AI core technology, assisting diagnosis, and disease detection


    Patents (Korea & Globe) in AI core technology, assisting diagnosis, and disease detectio


    Experts dedicated to medical AI R&D